Is It For You? 

Is this for you?

Looking to lose weight? You’re in the right place.

If you’re not afraid of hard work, you’ve come to the right place. Our clients range from couples looking to get fit together, Brides to be preparing for their big day, new mums looking to lose the baby weight to fitness fanatics searching for a new challenge.


We’re all about the personal touch so whatever your goals and fitness, we can help you lose weight in a way that’s right for you.

The Shaper Upper

Searching for a slimmer self and fun experience? Maybe you have a wedding on the horizon? Perhaps you have a pound shifting pact with a pal? Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, Pure Results can help you reach your goals. Exercising and diets don’t need to be a drag. Bring along a friend and have a blast blitzing your bodies! You’ll return home a lighter, happier you.

The ‘In it Togethers’

Feel fitter as a team. We know that losing weight is a team effort, and that having your other half there can be the best motivator. We welcome couples to our bootcamps so you can bring along your partner and slim down as a duo. Push each other and those pounds, you’ll leave camp a happier, lighter you.

The Later in Lifer

Hoping to lose pounds and gain energy? Age doesn’t mean a thing. Whether you’re 20 or 60, we all dream of reaching our fitness and / or weightloss potential. Pure Results welcomes all ladies, gents and couples to push themselves and kick start a lifestyle change today. We know that abilities differ so we get personal with you, making sure you’re happy with your diet and fitness programme. It’s a team effort here. Our only request is you come prepared to work hard and with a smile on your face!

Pure Results Bootcamp, Ireland, Kathryn Thomas
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The Bride to be

Take time out from all that planning and invest in yourself to ensure you feel at your absolute best for the biggest day of your life.


You’ve set your date. Let us help you reach your goal.

Why not recruit your Mum, Sister or Chief Bridesmaid for extra support?

The Busy Mum

Looking to lose weight and feel like ‘me’ again? When is the last time you put yourself before everyone else?

Getting back in shape after kids can be tough.

It’s more than just a physical battle; it’s an emotional one.

But, in just seven days, we’ll help you do just that. You can lose inches and recharge your batteries with a diet and fitness regime that blasts those pounds and gives you a new lease of life.*(Disclaimer)

Pure Results Bootcamp by Kathryn thomas in Ireland

Let’s Hear it For the Boys!

Want to get back into a routine after work life and/or family life has taken it toll?

There was a time you could eat what you want when you wanted when you were active, but getting the time to exercise and knowing what to eat when you have a more sedentry lifestyle is a struggle for most. Get back to the level of fitness you’re happy with, shed excess weight and learn how to keep it off.

Join us for a week or weekend at camp and remind yourself of how great it is to be fighting fit again! It could just be the perfect holiday you’ve always needed!

Are you ready for a challenge? Talk to our team today and together let’s make a lifelong change.


*Disclaimer: Results differ for individuals, and we cannot guarantee an exact or average weightloss.