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Wednesday Wellness – Smarter Snacking

14 Oct Wednesday Wellness – Smarter Snacking

A lot of clients say “my problem is snacking”. Snacking is not bad. Snacking on the wrong food is bad. It is preferable to fasting and over-eating or over indulging, there are just a couple of other things to be mindful of:

Snack when hungry. Habits die hard, and if your habit is to munch on sugary snacks in your car or at your desk at certain times it can be much harder to control. Go for a quick walk, call a friend, find another habit. Drink something as more often than not you are actually really thirsty!!

Plan your snacks. If you bring carrot and celery sticks with peanut butter, then 100% you are going to eat them. Prepack snacks and pre-portion them in snack bags.

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Time your snacks Snack between lunch and dinner, instead of between breakfast and lunch. You are also more likely to snack on healthy food during this period.

Portion control Total calories taken in must equal the total number of calories out .

Fight the “fat free” “no sugar” They don’t always mean lower calories. The serving size and the number of calories per portion are what to look out for.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Kathryn x

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