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Tips to a Healthy Christmas

23 Dec Tips to a Healthy Christmas

Start Right!

Sometimes we are tempted to skip our breakfast just because we may have over indulged the night before. If you skip your breakfast then this usually sets you up for picking and snacking on unhealthy foods through-out the day.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast, have some protein and healthy fats in it to help keep your blood sugars balanced. Try some of the following:

* A natural yogurt topped with a handful of cranberries, chopped walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon

* An oat/coconut pancake topped with yogurt ,fruit and crushed walnuts

* A turkey omelette

* A bowl of porridge

Eggs are an excellent choice for the morning after because they provide choline, a nutrient that supports the liver. If you can’t face a cooked breakfast then have a smoothie made with natural yogurt and fruits like bananas, oranges or mango – which helps replenish the electrolytes lost due to the diuretic effects of alcohol.

All of these choices will help stabilise blood sugar levels, which helps control appetite. Don’t be tempted to skip meals. If you do you will end up over-eating foods that may not be the best for your health.


Keep Properly Hydrated

Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water in the day, or include some herbal teas if you find water too bland – perhaps a nice warming ginger tea or comforting chamomile before going to bed.

Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches especially if combined with the diuretic effects of alcohol.


Sensible Snacking

Sensible snacking during the day will definitely help. Try:

* A slice of porridge/oat bread with crunchy almond butter topped with a few slices of banana

* A piece of fruit with a handful of nuts

* Apple and nut butter ( a favorite with our boot campers)

* A mug of nice warm homemade chicken soup

For treats, skip the bought cookies and cakes over the Christmas and go for homemade.


Stay Active

Get outside and stay active. Even if it’s a 20 minute walk you will feel better that you made the effort.



When you are on a night out, you could alternate drinking alcohol with a juice or water with a squeeze of lemon or lime – perfect if you don’t like holding an empty glass. Alcohol contains a lot of calories. You can cut calories in alcoholic beverages by adding sparkling water to wine for spritzers or soda water as a mixer rather than coke.

Try to be more mindful of what you are eating and when you are eating, then you will enjoy and savor the Christmas season even more.


Jen O’Callaghan,

Onsite Nutritional Therapist and Health and Wellness Coach at Pure Results Bootcamp

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