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Pure Sun FAQs

What Is pure Sun

We are bringing our retreats overseas to the Spanish Sun! Our Pure Sun retreat offers the same week of our Pure Results Transformation retreats in Ireland, but with a beautiful Spanish backdrop. Prices start from €1599 per week including transfers (note flights not included).

When is the event?

The Pure Results Pure Sun Retreat takes place on the 5th of October until the 12th of October.

Where is the retreat located

The exact location is only provided to customers with confirmed and paid for bookings.

What time is check in?

Check-in is strictly after 12 noon local time on Saturday, Oct 5th 2019 – earlier bag drop-offs can be arranged.

What time is departure?

Saturday morning strictly before 10:00 local time Oct 12th 2019

How much does Pure Sun cost?

A shared room costs €1599 per person.

A single room costs €1999 per person.

Do you cater for allergies?

Yes, we cater for all allergies. Please contact us at info@pureresultsbootcamp.com to let us know.

Are transfers available?

Yes, transfers are available. Please email us info@pureresultsbootcamp.com us if you require a transfer.

Where is the nearest airport?

Direct flights to Valencia are available from most major cities throughout Ireland and the UK.

Are my flights included?

No, your flights are not included. Please make your own arrangements.

What does a typical day look like?

7 AM: Rise & Shine – We don’t waste the beautiful surroundings of our retreat. We’re up early and ready to go with stretches and light jogging on the beach.

8 AM: Breakfast – Our diet is wheat free, sugar-free and dairy free. There is no caffeine or alcohol, to ensure complete detoxification. You will eat three meals and two snacks daily, which is sufficient to help you train to the best of your ability.

9.30 AM: HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training).

10.30 AM: Snack & Pit stop – Take some time to get fuelled up.

12 PM: Team building & lunch.

2 PM: Afternoon class – Crunch time / Abs & Core – Our specialised trainers keep you on your toes and working hard.

4 PM: Get hooked – Our boxing classes are one of the most popular with our Pure Results clients.

6 PM: Dinner – A nutrient-dense, tasty, calorie-considered meal is prepared by our nutritionists and onsite chef.

8 PM: Evening activities – Every evening will be spent relaxing, enjoying the Spanish surroundings including the luxury spa.