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Life after Chocolate Digestives – Mary’s Story

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26 Jan Life after Chocolate Digestives – Mary’s Story

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Life after Chocolate Digestives

Mary Sullivan, May Client 2015

From an early age I was always naturally skinny, my nick name when I was very young was Bony M (yes, the song ‘By the rivers of Babylon’is now running through your head , for those of us who were around in the late 70’s). During my twenties when I had a more sedentary job and discovered how much I enjoyed beer, I experienced some weight gain, but very gradual and nothing too alarming. During my thirties I was fortunate enough to bare two wonderful children, I did not gain significant weight during either pregnancy, was in great shape after Sally was born in 2007, I was eating well, breast feeding and exercising very regularly. After Michael was born in 2012 I found it much more difficult to get back to what I considered a comfortable shape for me and good exercise routine.

I turned 40 in December 2013 and for the first time in my life, did not really want to have a party to celebrate or mark the occasion, but did not spend much time wondering why.

As my 41st Birthday approached the following December, I was not feeling well or in a ‘good place’. By early 2015 my mood was very low; I lacked my usual drive and zest for life, while I was spending time with my children and husband, I was not gaining as much enjoyment from our experiences together as I normally would and I was not happy with my appearance at all. In parallel my career was going from strength to strength, I was progressing well at work. My work schedule, like most is demanding, requiring flexible working hours as we are head quartered in California, so lots of late evening calls, regular travel and extended hours each quarter end for a two week period.

I knew I needed a change, was fortunately enough to have great support and encouragement from my husband to sign up to Puresults Bootcamp in May 2015. Did I realise what I was signing up to………….not even close, I had images of lovely gentle walks, yoga and aqua aerobics, in my head I was going on a type of rest and relaxation retreat.

Reality kicked in pretty quickly on Day 1 of bootcamp, I remember we started with the lovely Kenyan Run (at that stage I was one of the ‘special’ people who just can’t run) followed by breakfast, we stood as a group outside the boat house sipping our super green smoothies, I recall standing there wondering for over half an hour when we would be ’called in’ for breakfast, then reality dawned, I was drinking breakfast!!!! By day 2 the harsh reality of the exercise regime hit me (literally, probably during Boxercise) I remember Niall asking me if I knew what I had signed up for, clearly he knew the answer, which is why he asked the question.

As the week progressed, I think I laughed and cried in equal measures, this was a very emotional journey for me, I could not believe how unfit I was and could not understand how I had let things go so far. I never considered myself grossly overweight, but knew I had lost the lovely slender curves I grew up with. The recurring thought that kept going through my head was that I am successful at work and can push myself to deliver way beyond what I think I can achieve, so why can’t I apply that same drive and ambition to personal wellbeing, health and appearance.

The entire Puresults Team is amazing and all played a big part in setting me on the right path.

I will be forever thankful to Kathryn for making me her ‘special project’ and helping me realise I can jog or run and it’s not an activity reserved for ‘other people’, I ran my first 5K in June and have not looked back since.

There are so many special experiences, to many to share, but here’s a few:-

* Asking Niall how to flick the switch from enduring exercise to enjoying it and learning it’s more of a dimmer switch that comes on over time than something that happens over night.

* Learning that exercise is tough and painful for everyone, no one really enjoys the pain, but love the feeling of wellbeing that results from persevering. Pre bootcamp, I honestly thought people who enjoyed high intensity exercise were crazy, they were different and not like me.

* Jen’s ability to educate and reprogram my whole approach to food and eating habits. The very simple philosophy of making sure every bite we eat delivers maximum nutritional value is a major learning and eating more mindfully is very powerful indeed. ‘No Empty Carbs’ is my new mantra. Michelle’s outlook on life, great lifestyle and love that went into every meal we ate made it extra special.

* Robyn nurtured me past my fear of sweating and helped me push through rather than stopping when I started to feel uncomfortable, tired or sore.

* Despite being really sick during our week, Dave soldiered on to instruct, guide and motivate us.

* Sharing the beauty of Inishbeg Island is a gift we should all be thankful to Paul & Georgie for.

What did Puresults do for me?

To call it a kick start is an understatement, turbo boost is more appropriate

* Since May I have lost 16 kilo’s*(Disclaimer), 4 more to go; and for the first time in my life I feel like this is a totally achievable goal that I am in control of

* I feel happy, motivated, and my zest for life and sparkle are brighter than ever

* My home and work lives are more harmonious and fulfilling

* The amazing support of my fellow boot campers via our WhatsApp group or my mobile conscience as I like to call it.

* And for the first time in a long time I am actually looking forward to finding the right dress for the annual Christmas party.

If you are debating whether to sign up for a bootcamp or continue waiting for something to magically change; stop thinking and do it now, it will be the best decision you will ever make. It has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.

So ask yourself, what have I got to lose?

It’s not about what you are giving up, the only thing you will lose is excess weight that is dragging you down. This is all about what you have to gain, health and vitality for life.

The toughest journey leads to the most beautiful destination, and what a journey this is, I’m looking forward to reaching my initial destination and once there I know I’ll start planning the next adventure.

And finally, don’t worry; life goes on without chocolate digestives.


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