Corporate Wellness. On-site or off-site team away days. Staff rewards.

Corporate Wellness

Your team is already great! But a group reboot of the body and mind  should not be underestimated! We create a range of bespoke programmes for companies which help empower their employees to live healthier, happier lives.

Combining nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and mental fitness, let us help you re-energise your teams, so they can return to work refreshed and ready to deliver their highest level of productivity.

The greatest testament of a solid corporate wellness programme is that it creates long-term change; by shifting mindsets, addressing stress and renewing energy levels, Pure Results can ensure a transformation that helps your teams understand how to live and work more effectively.

We all work hard…now let’s work well too!

Pure Results Team at Parknasilla.

Our On-Site Package

You may want your people to get away from their desks for an hour of high intensity, adrenaline raising fitness classes, or run a wellness seminar we can do it all. Opt for a cookery demonstration, a talk on peak performance, an in-depth nutrition and wellbeing workshop, or all of the above!

Choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold to suit your business needs.

Group fitness- Pure Results Bootcamp-Kathryn Thomas

Our Off-Site Package

The ultimate experience!

Really want to get the creative and innovative juices flowing? Send the team to our country escape for one or two days. Their senses will be heightened, team spirit will be up, energy will be up as will enthusiasm for an afternoon of brainstorming, strategic planning or problem solving.

Choose from a range of activities, workshops, talks, use the conference facilities as well as the spa facilities at our venue!