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Avril’s Fitness Goals

Ian’s Story

Susan’s Target

If you want to do something good for your body and mind, meet fantastic people and remind yourself how beautiful Irish countryside is, then Pure Results is for you! Very hard work but its a life changing experience!
-Luda H
A great escape from a busy everyday life, where you meet lovely people, work hard but feel fantastic afterwards. Highly recommend it!
-Maria Doyle
Not only did I leave feeling healthier, I learned a lot about myself and how to change and make time for me. I would recommend this to anyone with a hectic life, it really puts your priorities in place, life is for living -Andrea H.
After feeling nervous and apprehensive I can say honestly that I am so pleased I came. Not only did I learn about exercise and nutrition but also my wellbeing. And it’s ok to be kind to yourself and put yourself first. -Anon.
For me it was a total game changer about how I think of my health. It wasn't just about weight loss it was a change in mindset. Believe you deserve the best health you can give yourself.
-Ann Marie Ward
Pure Results was one of the most exhilarating and fun experiences I have had in years. A weekend with no drink or hangovers! What a fantastic adventure.
-Orla Barry

Amy's Pure Results Experience

For me, Pure Results Bootcamp was an amazing experience. It really is like a summer camp for adults and one of the best things I ever did for myself. From the great team, the accommodation, the good quality food, the fun activities and being surrounded by such beautiful scenery really made it such an enjoyable experience! I felt so relaxed and energised after it and also met some lovely people!
-Aileen S.
Pure Results Bootcamp was an incredible experience. In just one week I lost 6.5lbs and 8 inches!*. You find yourself laughing, meditating and singing (esp. if you’re late!). I will definitely be back again in the future and I would recommend it to anyone, fit or unfit; you have nothing to lose (except pounds and inches)!
-Kate Gaynor
Kayaking Fun Pure Results Bootcamp Retreat Kathryn Thomas
Pure Results Bootcamp is not a holiday - it is so much more! Sure it's hard work but the more you give the more you get out of it. Everything is done in a fun, supportive, encourgaging environment. The team are fantastic! Great to meet a bunch of people with the same goal that you have. I learned lots, made new friends and left feeling positive about creating new good habits. I would definitely consider returning
Whatever doubts or hesitations you have about booking in forget them. It's all worth it and you will have no regrets at the end of the week, truly incredible experience
-Claire H
Scared is most definitely the feeling I had from the day I booked my camp until I arrived at Temple Spa.....however once we checked in and meet the team it was an experience I didn't want to end. It is up there among the best weeks of my life. 7.5 lbs and six inches lost was only the beginning of what I got from this week. Everybody needs to experience Pure Results at least once in their life.
Pure Results Bootcamp, Ireland, Kathryn thomas Clients, Group
If you need to reset, do yourself a favour. Treat yourself to a weekend focused on health & wellness, invest in yourself & go. You won't regret it.
I really did get value for money. My friends all thought I was mad, but as far as I was concerned I had a week's accommodation with lovely people, with a personal trainer at hand constantly and our own chef. And I'm 9lbs down* since the day before I rocked up. Never got that from any other holiday!
-Geraldine McCullagh
Pure Results Kathryn Thomas Bootcamp Ireland Group fitness
The support from the team and the fellow bootcampers was simply amazing. Great credit has to be given to Kathryn Thomas for her professionalism, participation and genuine concern for each and every one us. For me, Pure Results was an amazing experience. Will I return next year? Definitely! This is going to be my annual holiday!!
-Carole Webb
Amazing week Empowering and much much more than a weight lost camp! It’s one my daughter and I will remember forever. Thank You!
-Susan V
Group photo Bootcamp Pure Results- Kathryn Thomas
Days out hiking and evening walks to explore the island were amazing, and didn’t bore me like the gym. I thought I’d lose a few pounds but ended up losing 10*! It made such a difference to do the classes as a group. We all kept each other going and laughing. I met some fantastic people, and we’ve stayed in touch. I’m over the moon and feel like I can keep losing the weight myself now. Great food, great trainers, great place.
-Orla Cutler
Pure Results, pure bliss!! Being surrounded and motivated by the most positive team is truly good for the soul. At the end of bootcamp, I have never in my life felt so positive, motivated and confident.
-Aine Quinn
Groupfitness Pure Results Bootcamp By Kathryn Thomas
An amazing week with Pure Results!! Not just an exercise bootcamp - its for mind, body and spirit!! I feel totally inspired by the week. The team really care about you, and push you to places you didn't know you could go. Hasta la Vista!
-Sonya B.
Great team, very motivating, and encouraging. The atmosphere and encouragement from everyone within the group made for a great weekend
The best money I ever spent on myself.Everybody needs Pure Results at least once!
-Jen Q

Clients Explain Camp!

This is my second time with Pure Results and again I loved it. It’s a fantastic detox and it’s tough at times but it is so worth it. You go home feeling rejuvenated and ready to face life.
One of the best weeks of my life! I was terrified on day one and by the last day I didn't want to leave. I lost a stone* with Pure Results and I have to say the weight has stayed off, which goes to show that doing it the right way works!
-Debbie McCarthy
A wonderful bootcamp with great classes, trainers and food. It is tough at times but the results speak for themselves. The team: it was hugely helpful getting a push to up the ante. Kathryn was a dynamo!
-Helen Casey
The team was so positive. They knew when to encourage you, when to push you and when you just needed a high 5! Had a fantastic weekend with pure results- feel like a new person! Would definitely recommend!!
Pure Results Kathryn Thomas Bootcamp Ireland
Travelling there on my own was a bit daunting as I wasn’t sure what to expect but the other girls were great and we all clicked straight away. There was a real feel of ‘in it together’ and the Pure Results team were great at keeping us focused and motivated. I’ve kept in touch with all the ladies from the camp, and we’ve gone through our weight loss together. Fantastic experience all round.
-Lesley Palmer
The support and strength you got from everyone each day, was what got me through it and I am lucky to say I have definitely made some friends for life. Coming home I was 7 pounds and 11 inches lighter* but mentally I don’t think I have ever been in such great shape!! I would highly recommend this to anyone. I am already looking at when I can do it again!
-Joanne Rochford
This has changed my whole life! Now I can start to have a real life!
Group fitness- Pure Results Bootcamp-Kathryn Thomas
Great experience, well exceeded my expectations. Food was excellent and nutritional advise from Jen, Michelle and Shane was top notch. The trainers were all very friendly and approachable and they participated in all the classes. Niall, Robin and Mark kept us all motivated without it feeling like you were being dictated to, which was nice. By day two the whole group gelled really well together making the tougher classes much more enjoyable.
-Donal F
For the same price as a weekend away with bad food and alcohol, you could invest in yourself and go to Pure Results, you will not regret it! I enjoyed every bit!
-Catherine H
Pure Results Kathryn Thomas Bootcamp Ireland Group fitness
A great kick start to a new way of eating and exercise. The weekend made me feel energetic and strong.
-Norah F
Pure Results Kathryn Thomas Bootcamp Ireland Group fitness
*Disclaimer: Weight loss average is 7lbs however results varies by client and Pure Results does not guarantee a minimum weight loss.