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Boost Your Confidence With Clothes You Love

11 Oct Boost Your Confidence With Clothes You Love

I love clothes. I don’t know many people who don’t love clothes. And one of the things I love most about clothes is the way they make you feel, particularly when you find something and it fits really well — it’s guaranteed to make you feel confident. One of the best feelings is when you spot a pair of jeans, try them on and they make you feel unreal! Because, let’s face it, that doesn’t happen very often. Shopping for jeans when you’re a pear-shaped person like me (small waist, wide hips) can make you want to live in leggings and woolly jumpers for the rest of your life. The power of a great fit, that real “Eureka!” moment you can have skipping out of the changing room,  is a real testimony to, and a reminder of,  the role clothing plays in our lives. If you want another example, just think of the confidence boost anyone gets from a pair heels. 


©Norman McCloskey

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Professors at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University write that dressing ourselves is influenced by the symbolic meaning of the clothes and the physical experience of wearing them, while another professor at the University of Hertfordshire states that when we put on a piece of clothing, we cannot help but adopt some of the characteristics of it. So it only stands to reason that if our clothes fit, if they complement our bodies, we’re going to feel better and, naturally, more confident in what we’re wearing. Scientific studies have shown that your choice of outfit will affect how you approach and interact with the world. Your (and my) interest in clothes has a far deeper effect on our mood, and the way we think, than any of us imagine.

So when you look at your wardrobe, what do you see? If the majority of your clothing is black, ask yourself if you actually feel more confident in black or if it’s just become a habit? Challenge yourself to move out of your black comfort zone for a little bit and try something new — inject a pop of colour into your day. If you’re the kind of  person who likes to wear neutrals and block colours, why not try out a little colour and pattern and see how it makes you feel? Maybe you’ll start matching your clothes to your mood, and maybe you’ll find that your confidence boosts come from all over the place, and not just from black. For me, my go to  basic training wear was always black with some colour highlights here and there. But I’m experimenting more these days — I love the acidic colours, and I am currently addicted to scrolling through the gorgeous pieces on Pinterest, the brighter the better!

©Norman McCloskey


The point is, every now and then, step out of your comfort zone, go  loud and proud with your clothing, don’t be unashamed to wear what feels and fits right, and be brave enough to  try new things. That is fashion after all dahlings!!!!You never know what it does for your mood, but it’ll surely up the confidence stakes and get you feeling like a winner every time you step out your front door.

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