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Be the Best Secret Santa Ever

28 Nov Be the Best Secret Santa Ever

Secret Santa is a growing festive season tradition in companies all around the country. It’s a wonderful way to share in the Christmas spirit with colleagues, but it does cause us to ask ourselves: “What on earth do I buy for Victoria from Marketing? I’ve only spoken to her a couple of times! She’s also half my age and definitely won’t like my taste in scarfs!”


Stop right there – we’ve got exactly what you need: a list of options, unisex, for all ages, that might help you become the Secret Santa who everyone wants next year.

A gift card to a great restaurant in town

This gift card doesn’t necessarily have to be for a three-course meal to a Michelin star restaurant, but it can be a contribution to the total bill. This will encourage the person you’re buying for to treat themselves to a great meal, for less money than they would usually pay.

An Advent calendar

If your Secret Santa gift handover happens before the 1st of December, this is a gift that will keep on giving until the 25th. They are very reasonably priced, and everyone needs a little chocolate or sweet treat a day!

An online gift voucher

Appealing to your friend Victoria from Marketing, a gift voucher for an online shop is a great idea – this way, you won’t have to make decisions on what to buy that colleague that is half your age with completely different tastes to you. Again, it can be a contribution to something she really wants to buy online, for example. A tip would be to ask his or her closest friend in the office which online shops she loves and uses often.

Movie tickets

Another general gift, movie tickets are a great gift to encourage someone to enjoy a night out at the movies, at your cost. If your budget allows, perhaps give them two tickets, allowing them to take a friend or special someone along with them.

A Pure Results gift card

Why not treat your colleague to a Pure Results gift card contribution to one of our health and fitness retreats? Throughout December, we’ll be running some great deals and specials on our 2019 retreats. We’ve added two brand new, idyllic locations to our 2019 camps. The three locations are Parknasilla Resort & Spa in Co. Kerry, The Avon in Co. Wicklow and Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort in Wexford. These stunning locations are the perfect setting for our retreats. Our fitness retreats encourage clients to focus on achieving their goals and optimising their health and well-being. This kind of gift will be a great way for your colleague to kickstart his or her 2019 health and fitness goals. Who knows, you might even want to treat yourself to a retreat (or add this gift to your Christmas wishlist!).

You can buy the gift card here.

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