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Connecting Body and Mind for Success

19 Aug Connecting Body and Mind for Success

“By suppressing the experience of pain, a number of researchers put forth the idea that endorphins could be the source of this euphoric feeling after intense exercise.”

I have a very unique job that allows me to watch clients progress and change drastically in the space of a week. The biggest and most significant change, is not the average weight loss of 7 lbs or the noticeably clearer skin. It’s not the looser fitting clothes or even the feeling of serious accomplishment, it’s learning how to break your own barrier and comfort zone.  This is what will help you to continue to achieve results and ultimately become happier and more confident as the world goes on around you.

13882614_1405360822813217_4172097949337578656_n (1)Turning up and participating in a class is obviously the first and most important step in the process. But you have to be there in both body and mind! Every punch you throw, every squat you do, every swing executed needs your attention and commitment. You want the sweat dripping, legs aching heart racing feeling to be so overwhelming and powerful, that it takes you to another zone! Mind-muscle connection is something that we need to teach ourselves, it will decrease injuries, increase fitness, improve body awareness, not to mention body composition.

How do we learn how to connect the mind with the body in order to burn fat and gain muscle?


There is a significant difference between merely moving a weight around and actually engaging in your training.  If you can convince yourself, to really engage in the moment, perform every rep possible like it’s the one that will change your life,  you will become the most elated version of yourself that you’ve ever known.

Most people are unhappy not because of their health, they’re unhappy because of the way they look and feel. If you can teach yourself to become selfish and exercise purely to feel good at the end of a work out, everything else will fall into place for you.

I witness a lot of people paying alarming amounts of time modelling themselves or their goals off people who lead a healthy life, yet don’t maintain any healthy habits. They promote all kinds of bizarre fixes. Things like skinny teas, drastic and unrealistic training regimes, cosmetic surgery, performance enhancers? How is that sustainable? And how will that result in a realistic long term healthy life?

A week at camp is beneficial in so many ways, it shows you just how much you can achieve in one day. It requires no brain power, as you just submit to the instructions you are given, and when we release you back into society, you have this amazing sense of confidence, I can commit to training x amount of times a week, and really work hard for that hour and reach that point of hitting a natural high.

Robyn training James & Mark

There are a couple of things you need to consider when you are training;

  • Get psyched! Talk yourself into it, from the minute you wake up remind yourself, I’m going to the gym later. Repeat it throughout the day, remind yourself. Don’t finish work at six and then land the bombshell on that you have to go and exercise. If you’re not conditioned to automatically go to the gym after work or whenever you have the time to go, you have to work on that, you have to create the habit in your mind.


  • Progressing your training is key. Look into switching things up every six weeks or so. Do this by increasing the times per week you train, intensifying the ones you do or making the exercises harder. Progression, never regression.


  • You DO NOT compete against anyone but yourself if you are really trying to change your life. You do not allow the person beside you put you off, if they are banging out one hundred push ups and you’re working as HARD as you possibly can and only getting ten, the intensity and effort is the same. I guarantee they sat in the car thinking “I don’t want to do this,” just the same as you did. The reason they can do one hundred, is because they go again and again. It’s practice. That’s all it is, practice makes perfect.


  • Quality over quantity- if you need the rest take it! If you’ve had a really bad day, you need to train but the thoughts of your class or your programme sound utterly horrific, make a compromise and come up with some form of training that you could potentially enjoy.


  • Don’t make silly excuses for yourself.Get in, get it done. Don’t be that guy.


The best type of training is the one that you can consistently build into your life!

You should look like you are comfortable with who you are, knowing that you take care of your body inside and out. There is so much information out there about training and exercise. Gym memberships are so affordable and so many people are embracing fitness which is fantastic. This is the way it should be, everybody should be able to benefit from exercise and get their daily dose. Don’t buy into something that doesn’t suit you specifically.  Buy in to the endorphin’s, stay focused on your own progress and above all stay happy!

-Robyn Fitzsimons, Head Trainer at Pure Results Bootcamp

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